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Executing a successful business strategy
Successfully build and deliver your digital platform
Your digital transformation project

Executing a successful business strategy

This 5 day programme is composed of two courses, one personal work and one workshop.

Startup Essentials

What you will learn:

  • How to build a team

  • How to validate your idea

  • How to structure your company and understand associated legal aspects

  • Understanding tactics and strategy

  • How to build an “elevator pitch” and "investor pitch"

  • How to approach fundraising and company valuation

This 1 day course will take you through the fundamentals on how to create your startup (some modules will be specifically adapted to your project).

Business Strategy

What you will learn:

  • The strategy cycle and process of making strategic decisions

  • Value chains and how they are used in defining strategy

  • How to define and visualise the landscape using Wardley Maps

  • How to make strategic decisions though gameplay using landscape, climate and doctrine

  • How to approach business planning


Based on what you have learned during the course, you personal work consists in preparing the elements, business and strategic information related to your use case.

During this 1 day course, we will introduce Wardley mapping and how it is used to define and execute your business strategy.

Executing a successful Business Strategy

We will help you to:

  • Refine the value proposal of your product

  • Identify its key differentiators

  • Analyze your business environment, the business model and competition

  • Build your own Wardley Map

  • Identify evolution phases and external forces which influence your business environment

  • Define training and methods to setup in order to implement successfully your business strategy

During this 3 day workshop, and based on your personal work, we will put the Wardley Map method in practice with your use case, and concentrate on your strategic decisions and elements of your business plan.


Successfully Build and Deliver Your Digital Platform

This course is composed of 3 workshops and a development project.

Required Methods and Tools to Develop your Project
Agile Approach
  • You will learn the fundamentals of agile development

  • You will benefit from practical exercises to be carried out in a real situation


Objective: Accelerate your go-to-market by increasing productivity and quality

In this workshop, we will go through the fundamentals of agile software development and provides some best practices and differentapproaches you can adopt for your own product and project developments.

  • Management of your Agile project

  • Collaborative work

  • Software development (Dev & CI/CD)

Objective: Deliver you a ready-to-use working environment

Based on our experience, we will help you select the appropriate tools in order to develop your solution. The workshop will tackle:

Architecture & Technology
  • Explore the latest Cloud, Container, Serverless... technologies

  • Guide your choices towards to most appropriate technologies

  • Share and develop an appropriate architecture strategy

Objective: Build the foundations of your digital platform

Based on our expertise and targeting your own project, we will help you in this workshop to:

Build your MVP together
Development project

The typical Moonshot Labs team provided to you for the project:

  • 1 experimented project manager

  • 2 senior software developers

Objective: Reach your MVP and help you acquire the necessary technical and organizational skills in order to continue your project in complete autonomy

Our goal in to build your MVP together and accelerate your go-to-market. Your team will be immersed within our environment. We will integrate our own resources, allowing your project to benefit from our expertise.


Accelerate your digital transformation project

A complete program designed specifically for your project

Your project launch

Your transformation project

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