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Startup Incubation

A new co-incubation concept for entrepreneurs, where we invest operational support and capital to turn ideas into companies.  We are part of the team from the conception to market launch.

We staff a team to execute on all the core activities to build a successful startup including transforming an idea into a business strategy, building the product, team building, business planning and company launch.

If you are:


  • You are interested and motivated to be part of a startup and become a company builder

  • A successful entrepreneur and wish to disrupt further your industry sector by leveraging our knowledge in digital transformation

  • You have an idea but lost on where to start​

Idea to startup launch in 12 months

If you have an idea but need help on getting started; you are in an incumbent market and wish to disrupt it or simply interested in being part of a new startup then the co-incubation program is for you.

Co-incubation is a new approach to the way startups are created, using a product first, company later philosophy.  We form a dedicated team for 6 to 12 months that will work with you to foster the idea; define the company strategy; create a business plan and develop the MVP.  As part of this process, we transfer our knowledge and actively help with hiring new members that will form part of the core startup team.


Once the MVP is ready, we participate on the company creation process and launch, ensuring that you don’t fall into the common pitfalls.  Our goal is to ensure that all the right ingredients are there for the company launch and to allow the company and team to grow independently.

Startups we are helping

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A platform dedicated to wealth management consulting firms
A platform dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of start-ups

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With a “product first, company second” approach we co-incubate with entrepreneurs to build high-quality products.  We also provide startup immersions for both small and large enterprises.  All this under one roof in an environment to innovate, share and discuss experiences.  Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs .


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